I’m still here!

It’s a hard time for all of us. Something that is not visible is making life difficult for us and the weather is metaphorically giving us the finger. How nice it would be there, sitting in a café with a coffee, with our friends in the garden or somewhere at the sea…
In spite of everything, we all have to move on somehow. Looking for things that make our day a little brighter. Yeah, it sucks.
Although I emigrated from Germany to the Netherlands some time ago, I don’t think I ever missed my friends and family as much as I do now. It gnaws at the substance of not being able to visit them, to take them in my arms and make it even clearer how much I love them. And yet we are incredibly connected right now. We exchange regularly, maybe even ask more often than usual how they are doing and what they are doing. This is exactly what we should take out of this whole situation. To appreciate people more. Or a smile. A smile from a salesperson who, although she or he is completely overworked, still has a smile on their lips or a flower saleswoman who simply makes the day a little brighter with her cheerful manner.
I try to bring a little light into the dark with my art. At the moment I cannot offer my creations on a market but still I have not stopped creating. My creativity is my light and my hold in this time and I would like to share this with you. So I am still here.
What I would like to say is just…
Stays positive and of course healthy.

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