The purpose of art is simply to create a feeling.

Oscar Wilde (1854 – 1900)

I hear, see or feel something. Something beautiful, sad, painful, miraculous… Something that touches me. Something that moves me. Something that I think it is worth to visualize. The things I feel are often easy to visualize or form. Often it happens unconsciously and I start out on a mood with a picture and then there are those moments in which I want to express something very specific, hoping to touch the viewer in one way or another, to surprise and to put him in different feelings.


The inner focus on something that you hope will come to pass. In fulfillment goes. If you hope that something good will happen, something will go well or at least makes sense, you automatically align yourself with it. One orients one’s actions accordingly. Sometimes quite consciously and sometimes unconsciously. Also you are surrounded by fear, doubts and despair, it is important to keep the inner warmth and the light and not to forget where and how you are rooted to defy the adversities and to grow further.


After a strenuous, difficult period you are often wasted: Empty. You feel heavy and dark. But when the storm slowly subsides, you notice that the roots go deep and will always hold you. You can slowly perceive the environment with all its magic again. Slowly and timidly you can start flowering again. Maybe you have to pause every now and then, but the moments in which you may and can bloom and shine are brighter than a long time before.


One can quickly lose your own warmth for a certain thing, but if you look at everything in a different light, points of view are sometimes just dearly meant advice, opinions are just opinions that have nothing to do with yourself and openly expressed advice can be accepted or not. It is up to you how bright you shine and how high you can grow.

Rise up

I think that every human being goes through many different periods in life. It is often difficult to hold on. To continue. You feel broken and everything around you is dark. But after a hard period someone or something always comes, which gives you light and strength to go on, to grow or to rise again. Actually everyone has an impressive phoenix in him. So take your time to rise up to your potential, for it is yours.

Stages of Love

Love is endlessly multifaceted. From the pet to the best friend, to your child, to your partner. Nothing is as multi-faceted and demands as much as true love. It demands everything. Everything you are. What you do. Who and how you are. That sounds frightening and many turn back at the point where it means everything or nothing. But if you give that last little bit of yourself. If you take this last step to unconditional love, you will be richer, happier and more fulfilled than you could have imagined during all the steps and phases you have gone through.

Endless Love

The endless love of the lily, full of symbolism. One of them I want to take out. The feeling that the lily gives.  In the stiff Victorian era it was ‘not done’ to tell how people felt. This was solved by giving a certain meaning to flowers and became known by floriography. The Romans used the lily as a filling for pillows and blankets because of its lovely scent. Thus lilies became the spreaders of the scent of love. When a lady got this deliciously fragrant lily, she knew for sure: This is my lover.  Antonio Prchia said about it:
Love, when it flourishes in a single flower, is endless. (Antonio Porchia 1885-1968)