Just another light

I used different acrylic and effect colors and applied them in various ways to create a special light effect. As can be seen in the photos and videos, the picture changes with the alternating lighting conditions. All that is needed is an LED-light band that can change color.With the purchase of a painting from the “Just another light” category, an apt light source is included in the delivery.

Do you really like a painting but it doesn´t fit into your room because the colors would clash? Don´t worry. If you want I can do a draft of the picture you like in a different color combination and only if you are satisfied with te result, you´ll get a bill. Interested? Email me!

To see how the mood of the picture changes and different emotions are awakened is incredibly exciting. That’s how you have a work of art that you just can’t walk past, which you can look at and present for a long time without getting bored.. If you are interested I would love to hear from you.

Here are some examples of my work.

Tree of life – 100x80x5 cm
Rise up – 140x40x3 cm
Elephant Expression – 80x100x5 cm
Lion Expression – 80x100x5 cm
Mystic Forrest – 60x80x3 cm